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Entertainment between flights

November 04, 2010

I’ve discovered that a lot of airports have play areas for children and this has kept Connor entertained while we’ve waited for flights, but he’s also found that no matter what there are things to explore!  

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Dressing in layers

November 03, 2010

At this time of year it’s harder to know what to wear, especially when you are dressing a one and a half year old for a trip.

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Travel without baby

November 02, 2010

I know my blog postings are usually about tips for traveling with a baby (or a toddler as is the case now). Today, however, I want to write about my first flight and overnight without Connor when we went to New York City last week.

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Love of Airplanes

November 01, 2010

When Connor went on his first airplane I never thought he’d go on 61 more flights before he turned one and a half. Nor did I realize how much he was going to love them.

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Nursing helps baby’s ears adjust to altitude changes

September 28, 2010

One of my favorite new mommies is planning a trip and we were chatting about tips for babies on flights and it reminded me of one of the best tips I’d received, that nursing your baby on an airplane can prevent a little one’s ears from hurting

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