Love of Airplanes

November 01, 2010


When Connor went on his first airplane I never thought he’d go on 61 more flights before he turned one and a half. Nor did I realize how much he was going to love them. Connor is all smiles when we board the plane; he also gets very excited to see an airplane even if we aren’t going on it. If we are out for a walk or in the car, he proudly points them out saying airplane –airplane. He also loves showing us airplanes in his books and will stop whatever he’s doing if he hears one flying over the house.
I am hoping that his love of planes continues later this week when we’ll be on a 5 hour flight! He's always been a great traveler and I'm confident his next flight will be like the previous ones, but he's at an age when he wants to explore and run around. I'm planning on packing distractions! I am taking some stories, crayons and colouring books, his favourite toys and snacks and hoping that he sleeps a bit along the way. I’ll keep you posted!
Happy Travels!

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