Babies like Turbulence

September 24, 2010

In his 60 plus flights, Connor has sat in most areas of airplanes- big and small- and doesn’t really seem to have a preference for which one we get; he’s usually just excited to be on board. I can say that I would rather have an empty seat next to us at the back of the plane than to be at the front with all seats full but I haven’t really found there to be an advantage to one over the other.

When Connor was less than 5 months old, we were on a dash-8 traveling to Boston and sitting in the last row. Our flight was ahead of schedule and the pilot announced we’d be arriving early, then a few minutes later he informed us there was a change in plan and we’d been asked to circle for a few minutes. Those few minutes ended up being 45 minutes. For 45 minutes we repeated a similar pattern, extreme turbulence lasting for 2 minutes every 4 minutes. It was during this experience that we discovered babies (at least Connor!) like turbulence!
While most passengers held on tightly as the plane bounced up and down, Connor slept through the entire thing. My theory: it was a soothing motion for him to be rocked back and forth. It’s not my first choice of getting Connor to sleep, but if you ever find yourself in turbulence with a baby, don’t panic, they might like it.

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