Airport Security Screening with Babies

September 22, 2010


Airport security
Most airports in North America have dedicated security lines for families with young children to use. While most of the security agents are aware of the rules for travel with babies, not all are, so it’s best to know what you can and can’t do before you arrive at the airport.
Unless you purchase a seat for your child under 2, they will get a boarding pass in the name of the adult they are traveling with, and it will have a code like “INF” for infant, this signals to gate agents and security that your child is under 2 and will be sitting on your lap. We have had an instance where the individual at security was unaware that children do not get a boarding pass in their own name and she argued with us and wanted us to return to our airline to have a new boarding pass issued. Had we not been aware of the rules, we would have gone back to check in which would have been a waste of our time. After debating for five minutes we insisted we speak with the manager who indeed said we were correct and allowed us to continue through security.
In most cases, you are permitted to carry-on milk and/or water for your child’s consumption. You are also allowed to bring strollers and car seats through security (as long as you have your airlines ok to gate check these items). You are also allowed to use a bag for your stroller.
When in doubt, check your airline’s or local airport’s website.

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