Travel Memories

January 18, 2013

I know that many of the trips Connor and Reese have been fortunate to have taken they won't remember because they are so young. So from the very first trip, I've been keeping a travel diary for each of them. 

Initially I looked for a travel specific diary but didn't find one that fit what I needed so I have used books that have an airplane on it or a fun design. Because I carry mine with us on trips, I don't want it to be bulky or extra large. I enjoy writing but the entries do not have to be long or detailed, and they don't all have to be words, they can be ticket stubs to a museum visited or a boarding pass, they can also be stickers or photos, anything that will tell a story in years to come. 

Once Connor started talking I asked him for input, what did we do that day that he liked? What was his favourite part? Both Connor and Reese like adding drawings to the pages so we get out the crayons and they add their stamp of approval. 

It's all part of the memory. 

Happy Traveling. 

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