Inside my suitcase

January 17, 2013

I like packing. There is something challenging about it and sometimes it's very much like a puzzle to get everything to fit. Like anything else, the more I have packed, the more efficient I have become. 

I'm teaching my kids to be involved in the process and they now help decide what we should take. (I still have veto power though!!) Connor at 3 years old has learnt that if you put too much in your backpack it quickly becomes heavy so only the favourites should be put into his carry-on bag. 

Our family likes to travel with as little as possible, but when you are flying with children and have a stroller and car seats, gone are the days when we could take carry-on bags only. I now find it easiest if everyone has their own bag to check. The past few trips I have begun packing Connor and Reese's clothes as outfits instead of by shirts, pants, sweaters etc. Not only do I find this prevents me from over-packing, it saves me time at our destination because everything is already together and it forces me to visualise what will be really used during our time away. 

Good luck packing!

Happy Traveling! 



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