The secret to travelling with kids

January 11, 2013

I was recently asked what the secret is to travelling with children. My answer: I don't think there is one secret. Travelling with or without children, it helps to plan ahead, be realistic and to manage expectations; parents' and child's. 

I have had people tell me if only they could skip the actual travel and just be at the destination they'd take their kids on a trip. Travel is part of the experience, and the more often you do it the better everyone involved gets. I am an advocate of planning and being prepared for all scenarios, so I pack my carry-on luggage accordingly and my children have their own little backpacks and they are involved in learning how to make decisions on what they will need. As they are young, they still get lots of guidance from mom and dad and most often what they want are toys and books!

Travel is exciting, but it doesn't have to be so over the top that your child feels like they are in a parallel universe. When I say be realistic what I mean is try to keep things normal, if your child has a favourite daily snack, it will still be what they want to eat on the road so bring it with you if you can and if your baby naps at 1pm everyday don't expect that they will be wide awake and happy just because it's a travel day. Recent stats show that more and more parents are planning their vacations around their children. I think this is because parents have realised that vacations will be different when kids are involved and it's best to plan for that so that everyone's expectations are met. 

The secret to a great trip might very well be doing what works best for you and your little ones. 

Happy Travels! 


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