September 19, 2012

Check-in at the airport can be a bit of a balancing act, a couple of kids to watch, lots of bags and lines to wait in. Like everything else in life, the more organized you are the easier - and faster- check in will be. 

Whereever possible, I like to keep bags to a minimum, but let's be honest, traveling with two kids doesn't always allow for that. So when we're checking a jogging stroller, 2 car seats and luggage, I make sure I prepare as much as I can at home. You can too:

1. Pack everything at home. Don't wait till you get to the airport to add in the last minute items.

2. Make sure to put ID on the bags before you get to the airport. There's nothing like standing at the counter having to write out bag tags when your children want move on to the next location. 

3. Where possible, check-in online and print boarding passes so that all you have to do is go to bag drop off.

4. Have your boarding passes and photo ID in one place. I like to put ours in a folder that I can pull out and put back in my bag quickly.

5. If the kids are old enough, involve them in check-in. Connor loves to say hello to the check-in agents and ask what they are doing. Reese is now old enough that she can wave to everyone. Turn the waiting in line into a game. How many airplanes can you find, how many blue bags etc.

6. Drop off the bags and head to security. You are now one step closer to your destination. 

Happy Traveling. 


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