In air diaper changes

March 05, 2012

I am not one that easily worries when I travel; I am lucky that my young children enjoy it, don't complain and go with the flow. However, there is one thing I don't look forward to when we are flying: changing diapers.  

It's not that I "like" changing diapers when I'm at home either, but when we are in the air I worry we'll hit turbulence and they'll bump their little head.  There are many reasons for not enjoying changing a diaper on the air plane. The room is small, (but so is a baby so one can deal with limited space), at home I am not required to get in a line and my children have had diaper explosions during travel which seems harder to clean in a smaller space but it's the bouncing around in a small room that concerns me.   

I like to follow rules that are in the interest of my safety and I tend to view the seat belt light as one of them. So I have not taken my child to the washroom when the light is on. (I haven't encountered the challenge yet of a toddler who badly has to go but I did once have a passenger next to me who asked the flight attendant if I could take my baby to the washroom during turbulence because he said their diaper was smelly! Flight attendant said no! Good cause I wasn't moving.)  But whenever I take my little one in I always keep my fingers crossed that it won't be bumpy when we are in there! I know that often pilots have some advance notice of when there will be turbulence and try to put the seat belt sign on in advance, but as my child is laying on the change table I can't help but think please don't let there be turbulence while I am in the middle of changing their diaper (especially if it's a dirty one!) 

So I try to be organized before going in so that we can be as fast as possible. Before leaving my seat, I take out the diaper, changing pad, disposable bag for the diaper, and the wipes, baby and move as fast as I can. It's always an adventure!

Happy Traveling! 

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