Baby's First Flight

November 10, 2011

Time continues to fly by! We welcomed our baby girl into our family at the end of July. She was barely home when Connor started talking about taking Reese to the airport to go on an airplane! 

He got his wish when she was barely 2 weeks old. Reese's first flight brought back memories of Connor's first trip, albeit he was 3 months old. As with any first you aren't quite sure what to expect. I wondered if we could be so lucky as to have a second baby who was content to be anywhere we took them. 

Reese's first flight was wonderful. She slept through the hour long trip! I'm proud to say I remembered the drill, "hold baby in the burping position for take off and landing, never put the seat belt around baby and in the event of an emergency put your own oxygen mask on first"

Connor sat in the seat next to us so proud to show his baby sister the airplane and to the other passengers. I think we have another happy little traveller!

Happy Traveling! 

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