Family Only Section on Airplane?

September 07, 2010

I participated in a twitter party with Traveling Moms (@travelingmoms) last night regarding family only sections on airplanes. I enjoyed the debate but left with my opinion unchanged – I would not want to see the current seating policy changed.

After 59 flights with my now almost 18 month old son, I don’t think it’s in anyone’s best interests to have a family only section. While it would be neat to have a play area for children on an airplane, I don’t see how this could realistically be possible. My main priority when I board a plane is safety, and therefore when the flight attendants recommend that you wear your seat belt when you are sitting- I listen- and don’t see a plane ride as a play group outing.
Some have suggested the main motivation for a family only section is to seat the children away from other passengers because of noise concerns, if this is indeed one of the reasons, I suspect that a family only section wouldn’t really accomplish the goal, instead it may actually increase the noise!
I’m going to follow this debate closely; in the meantime I’m happy with the way things are on the plane now.


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