Staying in a hotel

June 28, 2011

In the past 2 years we have accumulated many hotel stays, it's funny how excited Connor gets walking into a hotel room. He was only a few months old the first time we stayed in a hotel and at the time I made sure to take Connor's sleep sac (bag) and a crib sheet. (many hotels won't give you a baby blanket because of the danger they can be (and Connor never used a blanket when he was a baby anyway). 

We've been fortunate that some hotels have given Connor a "children's care package" including some of the essentials, but I never know if he'll get one so now that Connor's  a little older and more inclined to explore his new surroundings, my list of must have items include:

  • Crib sheet
  • Blanket/Sleep sac 
  • Night light (portable, although plug in would work too) 
  • Safety plugs for outlets
  • Safety cord-case in-case the blinds have a dangling string (rare but I have seen them)
  • Bath toys, including his favourite rubber duck!
  • CD of favourite songs (we can play on lap top if there isn't a CD player in the room) 
  • Connor likes to listen to "Scout" bedtime music, but "Scout" is often already in Connor's own bag

Most of these items are small and do not take much room in luggage, and make a huge difference once you are there. (Keep the mini-bar locked and key hidden, it's amazing how good a toddler can be at opening things!!) 

Happy Traveling! 

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