Travel lessons from a 2 year old

June 20, 2011

When we took Connor on his first airplane trip he was three months old, we were excited to show him new places in hopes that he'd gain an appreciation for travel. Two years later, he loves airplanes and getting ready for a trip. As we teach him, he's teaching us a few tips that serve us well both at home and during travel:


1. Be friendly

It doesn't matter who you are, Connor's going to say hi. When we drop off bags, go though security or check in at the gate our friendly two year old says "hi!".  More often than not, he gets a hello or smile in return. Be pleasant to others and there is a greater chance they'll be pleasant in return. 

2. Don't let the little things get you down

There have been times when we've been given dirty looks because we're traveling with a toddler, Connor is blissfully unaware that there are people who are unhappy to be on the same airplane with him, he keeps smiling. (It should be mentioned that some of these same people have at the end of the flight have commented about how well behaved he is but that is another story.)

3. Be excited about what you are doing

No matter what time of day we are leaving or how much preparation we have to do before we leave, Connor is excited about going on a trip and excited about that moment. His attitude is a good reminder to enjoy what you are doing and not try to hit the fast "forward button" in life! 

Happy Traveling! 

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