Potty Training While Traveling

June 16, 2011

My 2 year old has taken an interest in the toilet, this is of course great news and hopefully it won't be long before he's out of diapers but I've been hesitating starting potty training for one reason. Our frequent travel! 

I wouldn't risk a mess on a flight, so he'll continue to use diapers until he's ready to give them up, but I'm excited because I've found a fold up travel potty seat. (Ahhh the things that make me excited these days!). It's very user friendly, it's a one piece compact fold that fits over a regular toilet seat. 

I think this will be good to have on future trips so that Connor doesn't have to give up potty training just because we are away from home. I'll make sure to post an update letting you know how it goes!

Happy Traveling! 

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