Nursing on board

June 15, 2011

Connor was 3 months old when we went on his first flight. My research and a very nice flight attendant advised that nursing (or pacifier/bottle) would help prevent his ears from hurting due to change in pressure. As I have written about in the past, it was so true. Connor has been extremely lucky, in his over 80+ flights, he hasn't had to deal with blocked ears. For so many of these flights it was because he nursed as we climbed and descended. 

It's not like there is much space for privacy when you are in your seat on an airplane! Connor was never keen on being covered with a nursing cover or blanket when he nursed, so I had to make sure I wasn't flashing everyone around me! I did this by wearing clothes made especially for nursing, and trust me, it made the world of difference. Often people didn't even realize I was nursing because it was so discreet. From nursing tops, to dresses, there are a number of fashionable brands available. I know, I lived in them for 2 years and in a few weeks, I'll be wearing them every day again! 

Happy Travels! 

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