Being organized

May 19, 2011

Whether you are traveling on a long weekend or not, I think being organized is the way to go. I am the one who is teased when I travel to the outlet malls because I put my maps and coupons in colour-coded file folders, but it works! When it comes to traveling with a little one, I am a big believer in being organized but the key is that I think you can be both organized and flexible.

My recently turned 2-year-old son has flown on over 80 flights since June 2009; being organized has helped our family on all of these trips. Planning ahead makes it so much easier and it usually means I don’t over pack. From picking baby gear essentials, to ensuring I have the right snacks I like to keep lists of what I’ll need. However, part of the success has been a willingness to be flexible. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and let the baby decide how things are going to go! Know what’s essential (car seat, diapers) and what’s not (that 6th book or toy!). It’s not fun to have to carry extra things whether you are traveling by car or by plane (especially when extra weight and bags may cost you).


You can have a stress free trip if you prepare ahead of time and are flexible.


Happy Traveling! 

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