Perfect Travel Stroller?

April 15, 2011


Is there such a thing as a perfect travel stroller? I am convinced there is a perfect jogging stroller, we love our BOB Revolution Stroller at home and nothing compares. We recently took it on a week long vacation using the stroller bag that BOB makes for it-it is amazing and I can’t say enough about it. However, for short trips I prefer to take a stroller that I can gate check to minimize the number of bags we are checking. I recently used one that folds up so small that I loved it, light to carry, it had a great canopy and was a breeze to push, however the one downside was it doesn’t recline, so when Connor was having his nap he slumped forward which isn’t good for his neck.
I’ve used the regular umbrella stroller type that has a great canopy, reclines and folds easily, but it isn’t as easy to push (nothing compares to the BOB!). If only all the features could be combined into one!!
I think that being able to nap in the stroller is more important than the compact fold, so for now I am sticking with the regular umbrella type stroller when I want to gate check. I’ll continue to watch for new product models just in case that perfect stroller is released.

Happy Travels!

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