Latest News - January 2013

Travel Memories

January 18, 2013

 I know that many of the trips Connor and Reese have been fortunate to have taken they won't remember because they are so young. So from the very first trip, I've been keeping a travel diary for each of them. 

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Inside my suitcase

January 17, 2013

I like packing. There is something challenging about it and sometimes it's very much like a puzzle to get everything to fit. Like anything else, the more I have packed, the more efficient I have become.   

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The secret to travelling with kids

January 11, 2013

 I was recently asked what the secret is to travelling with children. My answer: I don't think there is one secret. Travelling with or without children, it helps to plan ahead, be realistic and to manage expectations; parents' and child's. 

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No Apology

January 08, 2013

I was taught that manners matter and I am teaching my children to be polite, respectful and aware of others and that they should always apologise if there is reason to; but I will never teach them to apologise for traveling. 

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