His own bag

April 13, 2011

I hoped getting Connor his own bag would be helpful and indeed it is! We have travelled with it a few times and both he and I love that he has his own bag. Connor enjoys it because he knows his favourite things are in it and I love it because I no longer have an overflowing bag of my own!

I’ve discovered that there are a few unexpected benefits; Connor knows it is his and likes the independence it gives him. Connor now likes to help pack it before a trip, picking out his must-travel with items:books, toys and stickers. This of course could be his age, but I think it’s because he gets excited about being part of the decision making process.
Connor also likes having his bag on the plane, he likes choosing what toy he is going to play with, which book he is going to read and when it’s snack time.  He has also had fun showing his bag to everyone around.
It's perfect having Connor’s things all in one place, they are easy to find, and it forces us to take only things that fit into the bag. I highly recommend it.
Happy Travels!

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