My carry-on checklist

February 24, 2011


Here are the items I can't live without! 


My bag (purse)


þ  Passports/Nexus

þ  Tickets

þ  Wallet

þ  Earphones

þ  Sunglasses

þ  Camera

þ  Blackberry

þ  Baby Medicine

þ  Baby thermometer

þ  Diapers

þ  Wipes

þ  Kleenex

þ  Toddler spoon/fork

þ        Drinks

þ  Snacks

þ  Bib

þ  Change of clothes

þ  Blanket


Connor’s Bag

Connor helps decide which toys he will bring so the following items may change slightly depending on what his favourite is that day!


þ  Scout

þ  Airplanes

þ  Small Car

þ  Leapfrog Laptop

þ  Books (usually with airplanes, cars and trains!)

þ  Crayons

þ  Snacks



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