Nexus for little travelers

November 04, 2010


It catches a lot of people off guard, but yes, Connor has his own Nexus card. We travel frequently and have Nexus cards so we applied for one for him shortly after his passport was ready. (Everyone traveling together using the Nexus line must have the Nexus card).
Given the “fun” we had during his passport photo session, I wasn’t really looking forward to the Nexus photo but I am happy to report, it went a lot smoother than I expected. Connor and I both learnt from that passport photo shoot! This time I dressed Connor in easy to work with clothing. (i.e. I could put my hand in between his shirt and back to support his neck). The Nexus agents were incredibly nice and the perfect photo was accomplished in less than 5 minutes. I am told that Connor was their littlest participant to date! The background check on a 2 month old does not take very long so after they explained to me the slight differences between the baby and regular card, we were ready to go.
Nexus cards are free for children under 18. Unlike older children and adults, babies and toddlers aren’t required to do an iris scan, (it would be impossible for a baby to do so!) so when we are using this special line at the airport, my husband and I first use the Nexus scanner, print the forms and then take our documents to an agent so they can process Connor’s. They usually ask to see our passports and Nexus cards and ask a couple of questions. If there is a long line for customs and immigration then this process is still faster even with the additional step.
When you are traveling with an infant, saving time is always appreciated.

Happy Travels!

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