Entertainment between flights

November 04, 2010


I’ve discovered that a lot of airports have play areas for children and this has kept Connor entertained while we’ve waited for flights, but he’s also found that no matter what there are things to explore!
At YOW Connor loves the waterfall fountains –the one before security and the one after- probably because we’ve now been through the airport numerous times, as soon as we’re on the secure side, Connor makes a run for the water, he knows where it is and I’m sure he thinks it’s there for his benefit! His grandfather has shown him how to toss pennies into the water so that they make a ripple, this makes him giggle.
At YYZ there is both a dedicated play area ass well as there is a big glass aquarium-like tank filled with water and floating bubbles. Connor was mesmerized-we loved this one! During the winter Olympics YVR had a cut-out that you could stick your head in and pose. Connor laughed at the resulting photo.
One of his favourites of course is to point out the airplanes and watch them take off and land, thankfully all airports provide that!
Happy Travels!

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