Dressing in layers

November 03, 2010


At this time of year it’s harder to know what to wear, especially when you are dressing a one and a half year old for a trip.
This week we’ll be leaving our cooler temperatures (yeah!) for warmer weather at our destination, but in between it’s hard to predict what the temperature will be as we’ll be in 3 airports and on 2 airplanes all in the same day. I’m a fan of layering; it’s cute but also practical. I’m going to dress Connor in a t-shirt, sweater, light-weight pants, socks, comfy soft-soled shoes and he’ll have his jacket and hat for outside commuting. 
I usually pack an extra t-shirt and pair of pants just in case. This time I’ll also be taking Connor’s pajamas with us and he’ll change into them for the second flight. Nothing’s cozier than pjs! A must have for a longer trip like this is a blanket so when it’s time to sleep, Connor will be nice and warm.
Happy Travels!

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