Travel without baby

November 02, 2010


I know my blog postings are usually about tips for traveling with a baby (or a toddler as is the case now). Today, however, I want to write about my first flight and overnight without Connor when we went to New York City last week.
It was so strange. As my husband and I walked from the car to the terminal I kept thinking I was missing something. It’s a rare occasion these days when I only have my purse, no toddler, no stroller and no diaper bag full of toys! As we walked past the water fountain I thought about how Connor always asks to stop and watch it and toss in pennies, then at security we didn’t go to the special line for strollers/children. At Nexus we didn’t have to stop to show Connor’s card (since he is too little to do the eye scan). When we got to the gate I actually sat down, checked email and didn’t go to the window to watch the airplanes land and take off like Connor and I usually do. When we boarded the plane, we easily put on our seat belts and the flight attendant didn’t come over for a toddler safety briefing. It was the first time not getting my own briefing in over a year; of course it would have been bizarre to get one since Connor wasn’t with us but the lack of what I now consider a ritual seemed so unusual!
We landed, walked off the plane at a casual pace and didn’t have to install a car seat into the car. We checked into the hotel and didn’t have a crib sent up and we went to the café and didn’t have to juggle a toddler while ordering. Dinner was relaxed with adult conversation and no one was saying they were “done!” after 5 minutes. Before bed, there was no one to give a bath to and put into pjs and read stories to before tucking them in for the night and no one woke me up that night saying “mama milk please”.
My husband and I had a great 24 hour getaway, but what we were missing was Connor.
Next trip, Connor’s coming!
Happy Travels!

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